Discover some of the properties of essential oils

The wide variety of essential oils that are now accessible has revealed dozens of properties unique to each. It is therefore often difficult to navigate without using the Internet or a book. Here we present the properties of certain essential oils that Yeva uses in its various formulas:

The essential oil of green mint, contained in the headache formula, has soothing and relaxing properties. When applying, the warming and cooling action helps relieve pain and pounding headaches, as well as relax the neck and shoulders. This essential oil also promotes:

  • fluidity of mucus and its evacuation out of the bronchi;
  • reconstruction of skin tissue
  • digestion and bile production by the liver;
  • Reducing the effects of inflammation
  • nervousness management.

Lavender essential oil, contained in calming and digestion formulas, promotes:

  • skin regeneration and healing
  • muscle relaxation
  • Reducing the effects of inflammation
  • The action of hormones
  • natural relaxation.

Myrtle, a cough and cold formula, promotes:

  • respiratory decongestion
  • mucus fluidity and expulsion out of the bronchi;
  • relaxation and appeasement;
  • The body’s response to infections
  • venous, lymphatic and prostate decongestion.

Take advantage of these natural remedies and advanced aromatherapy to add a dose of well-being to your daily life. To learn more about the benefits of these essential oils, take the time to discover the range of ball applicators from Yuva. We will publish the properties of our other oils later this month in our blog. In the meantime, to see our various formulas for sale on the market, click here.

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